Scooby steps

2005-09-01 15:31:00

Finally got a good prototype page (not using Prototype in it yet, but we'll get there) of an event 'lozenge' (as they seem to call it) for Scooby.

I've got the drag working properly (even in IE6, the problem child), and vertical resizing. It's currently only a single-day of events -- i.e., one narrow, vertical track.

The next step is to implement a snap-to (I guess in 15-min. increments?) for both the dragging and the resizing.

Looks like the guys at Kiko have gotten at a lot of this stuff working already. However, the way they have chosen to deal with overlapping events is not ideal -- hopefully taking the same approach Chandler does will be a tenable solution for Scooby.


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