A public spanking

2005-09-11 00:12:00

I awoke this morning to find, via an e-mail from a kind co-worker, that I was the recpient of a very public spanking (and not the warm, sexy kind) in a post on Bob Ippolito's Weblog.

Bob took serious issue with "misinformation" about his MochiKit JavaScript toolkit in a page I had put up on the OSAF Wiki about different AJAX/JavaScript libraries. The page was part of our process in deciding what toolkit we wanted to use in Scooby, but apparently, people are using it as a reference.

First of all, I'm aghast that anyone is actually looking at that page. I figured that the content on the page was of passing interest to about three of my co-workers, and that's it.

Second, to be completely honest, I do have to cop to one real screw-up in what I wrote -- I had written that MochiKit's AJAX library (called 'Async') does not provide the HTTP status code when a request errors out. In point of fact, it does. Bob writes:

XMLHttpRequestError object has a req object that corresponds to the failed request, and for convenience a number property that corresponds to req.status.

However, on taking a very close look at the rest of what I wrote, going over the MochiKit Async.js source again, and reading Bob's post, I have to say that, despite Bob's extremely emphatic protestations to the contrary, I feel like the rest of what I wrote was accurate: The Async API does not provide a POST method, or a built-in way to access the response from the server as an XML document fragment.

I won't bore the three people who ever read this by shoving all the excruciatingly technical details and the somewhat subjective arguments into this blog post, but I'll be happy to go over the whole deal with any interested people by e-mail, or whatever, if any people actually wants to do that to themselves.

So I wrote Bob what I hope was a nice, polite e-mail apologizing for mischaracterizing MochiKit's capabilities, and asking him to have a look at the revised page to make sure he thinks it's accurate.

But you know what would have been really cool?

It would have been really cool if Bob had been kind enough to e-mail me about what he thought I had screwed up, so I could have made corrections to the page, rather than taking me to task about it publicly in his Weblog.

As an addendum: I already got an e-mail response back from Bob. He made the valid point that there are mulitiple versions of the Wiki page, with multiple names, so it's hard to see who he should have sent an e-mail to. On the other hand, his complaints about it being too hard to set up an account on the Wiki to correct the page himself ring a little hollow given that lots of other people are clearly able to figure out how to to it.


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