Escape from Houston

2005-09-26 23:24:00

This week I'm out here at the OSAF office in San Francisco. It's a nice change to be someplace where there are open businesses and the gas stations actuallly have gas.

I rode out Rita in a hotel room in northwest Houston, after evacuating from my home in southeast Houston -- a little trip that took 11 hours during the excruciating mass exodus on Thursday. Yeah, and I didn't even leave the city.

The trip home on Saturday took about an hour (yes, exactly the same route) -- and there was no real damage to my house. Better to be safe than sorry, I guess, but part of me wonders if it even makes sense to listen to my local government officials during crises like this.

Did I mention how happy I am that my wife and kids are back in Japan visiting her folks?

Since I have a convenient natural disaster to blame my braindead state on, I'm just going to punt today and post a couple of links I've been meaning to put up here for awhile. These are AJAXey, "Web 2.0" calendar applications. Since I'm working on Scooby, which at this point is essentially a Web-based calendar client, I tend to pay a lot of attention to similar applications.

One I noticed some weeks back was Kiko, which advertises itself as providing "all of the functionality of offline calendar software, and all the convenience of online access." It's pretty impressive for being the work of a couple of guys over a couple of months. The interface is a bit clunky in spots, but it does give you the idea of how a little AJAX-fu can be applied to the problem of organizing calendar events.

The other is Planzo, which bills itself as being "The way web calendar was supposed to be." I got the heads-up on Planzo from Brian Skinner, who is doing some seriously interesting stuff over at OpenRecord.org. Planzo is also the work of just two guys -- and it's apparently so cool that even US presidents and retired presidents use it.


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