Firefox opacity irritation

2005-10-19 23:36:00

Ever have one of those days where you spend hours and hours on a single bug ... and make zero progress? Yeah, that was me today.

Firefox (both Linux and Windows, so far) exhibits an irritating bug with some very particular conditions, which is making me tear my hair out.

It only seems to happen with elements created with DOM-manipulation methods, and affect the div they are sitting in -- one with with overflow:auto that allows scrolling. The bug is this: if you set the opacity of one of the sub-divs at the same time you're setting other style properties like top or left, the first time you move that div, it will cause the scroll thumb for the scrollbar on the main div to stop recongnizing mouse input. Clicking on the scroll thumb has no effect.

If you move the div again, everything's fine. If you change the opacity before you move the div around, everything's fine.


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