Let the Web 2.0 backlash ... against the backlash ... begin

2005-12-22 23:47:00

It appears that Web 2.0 boredom has finally well and truly set in.

We've passed the point of the Web 2.0 backlash ("Web 2.0 is bunk.") from Russell Shaw on his Weblog at ZDNet, and now we're finally hitting our stride with some backlash against the backlash in a defense of Web 2.0 from the Frederico Oliveira at WeBreakStuff, and a big ol' "fuck the begrudgers" shout-out from Mike Arrington over at CrunchNotes.

You always reach a point of buzzword fatigue with stuff like this, and it looks like the current tug-of-war over the term "Web 2.0" is a great example of this. No one in the discussion seems to be dismissing the actual technologies or techniques -- nor the explosion of innovative products and services driven by them.

No, the argument seems to be solely over the use of the term "Web 2.0" to describe them.

Sure it's nice to have such a neat term that ties together all these loosely related concepts like 'openness' and 'interconnectedness' and 'perpetual beta.' And sure, the Web 2.0 moniker gives us Web folks a rallying cry -- it reminds us that the Web itself and its bedrock utility for doing actual business didn't go bust along with the bubble. But most geeks are contrarians at heart, and once the Marketing guys get their hands on something -- even if it's a word with some decent geek cred like "Web 2.0" -- the gut reaction is to start casting about for something sharp to stick in it.

I'm just waiting around for the backlash against the backlash against ...


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