An eventful day

2006-01-19 23:53:00

I guess it's been a fairly eventful day -- I got to shake hands with former US Vice President Al Gore, and also to meet and speak briefly with author and tech-law expert Larry Lessig.

Vice President Gore was in the OSAF office to give a presentation on global warming, which was both brilliant and extremely frightening.

After the presentation, as I was getting coffee, I got into a conversation with a guy who was also waiting around for a refill. As we were talking, I began to realize he looked a bit familiar, so I asked who he was -- of course it was Larry Lessig, who serves as CEO of Creative Commons, which shares office space with OSAF.

It's kind of funny -- I was a bit disappointed to have missed the virtual talk he gave in-world in Second Life, but ended up being able to ask him about it in person today. He seemed pretty amused by the entire thing, especially by the virtual 'signing' he did of his book.


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