AJAX book for SitePoint

2006-01-30 01:20:00

One of the reasons the posts have been so sparse here is that I've been working on a book. The kind folks over at SitePoint have tapped me to write a book for them on building AJAX Web applications.

I'm far enough along with it now that I can say I think it's going to be pretty damned decent, and I'm really looking forward to getting it out there so I can share lessons learned in my years working on the KnowledgeWire app, and now on Scooby.

SitePoint are the publishers of the excellent book DHTML Utopia, by Stuart Langridge (inventor and champion of the term "unobtrusive DHTML") -- and have a distribution deal with O'Reilly, including their Safari Bookshelf online reference library.

So it would appear there's a least a fair chance more than three people will actually read my book, which is kind of cool.

The best thing so far about the book deal has been that SitePoint has agreed to release all the source code for the book under an open-source license. It's all going to be available for download under the Apache License, Version 2.0, the same license we use for Scooby.

That fits nicely with my position at OSAF -- but more importantly, I think it's just a fundamentally smart thing for SitePoint to do. It builds good karma with the community, and can only help book sales.


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