A nice little surprise

2006-02-24 02:42:00

One of the reasons I've not posted in quite awhile is because I've been trying to catch up a bit on the writing schedule for my book, while also prepping the client-side pieces of the Scooby codebase for our upcoming Scooby 0.1 Release.

So I'm crunching away on the book this evening, and checking out the O'Reilly site to see if they have any kind of search API so I can add them into the Web services code in the book. I do an idle search on 'ajax' to see what their search location URI looks like, and the very first hit in the results is the entry for my book in their catalog. Kind of weird and unexpected to see that.

I guess in this case it would be silly of me to complain about the sheer unhelpfulness of having an unpublished book show up first in the results. Looks like the default sort for the results is by date.


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