Round trip from Evo to Scooby

2006-02-24 13:38:00

Yesterday I was trying a bit of interop now that Scooby is communicating fully with Cosmo using CalDAV.

I used Novell's Evolution as my e-mail client (because it can easily look at mail on NFS shares), but have never used the calendar. But yesterday we had a guy in our #scooby IRC channel trying it out with Scooby, so I thought I'd see if I could make it work as well.

I fired the calendar up, created some events, and then looked for an Export option -- no dice there of course. Not sure if that's just oversight, or if it's because Evo is a commercial app. In any case, to their credit, they do store the data in a standard way (ICS), in an expected location (.evolution/calendar/local/calendar.ics), so it was really easy to import it into Chandler.

I then shared that calender to my local install of Cosmo, and accessed it using Scooby. I was able to edit events with no issues. Kind of interesting to see that Evo seems to have no sense of 'floating,' timezoneless events.

Once I resynced Chandler with that shared calendar on Cosmo, it was easy to export it as an ICS file that I could import back into Evo. The changes I made in Scooby were there, and everything looked fine.

Serious kudos to the Evo guys for using a standard format for their calender, and even bigger kudos to the guys on the Chandler team for making import/export of calendar data so smooth and seamless.


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