Tiling and a sparse matrix

2006-04-18 03:33:00

We've finally got code to deal with event collision in Scooby for both areas of the event canvas -- the timed events in the scrolling area in the middle, and now the all-day events at the top. Kudos again to my co-worker Alec Flett, who did the sparse matrix code for the all-day event tiling in Chandler that I used as the basis for the code in Scooby.

And after reading the post on the new blog of Steve Yegge (yes, of Stevey's Drunken Blog Rants fame) about Math for Programmers, I can totally agree with him that "knowing even a little of the right kinds of math can enable you do write some pretty interesting programs that would otherwise be too hard." Once I saw how the tiling stuff worked in Chandler, and got to study a bit about sparse arrays and matrices, it was pretty easy to translate those concepts into the working code in Scooby.

Once I've worked my way through the pile of programming books (Design Patterns, Code Complete, blah blah blah ...), maybe I'll start doing some 'wax on, wax off' with the math.


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