A sentence you don't type every day

2006-06-02 03:07:00

Note: Originally this post had a horrible dangling participle. Thanks to a reader's comment, it's still a real head-scratcher -- but thankfully, gramatically correct. I still can't get past the fact that he noticed a grammar problem in a sentence that contains the words "naked" and "Darth Vader mask." Those are some serious editing chops.

While my wife and I were putting our boys to bed tonight after their baths, one of the twins was running around his room naked, wearing a Darth Vader mask. Ah, the joys of fatherhood.


mde (2006-06-30)
Wow, good point. Thank you, David. Amazing you were able to home in on the grammar at the beginning, given the phrase "naked, wearing a Darth Vader mask" at the end of the sentence. As a holder of a B.A. in English, I must hang my head in shame. I'll also correct the sentence. Thanks!

David Rodger (2006-06-28)
Why was one of the twins putting your boys to bed? (Why weren't you or their mother?) "One of the twins" is the subjectof the sentence. Therefore, the preceding clause must be referring to him.


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