Spoo on YouTube

2006-07-04 01:28:00

I can't stop giggling. I was checking out BoingBoing and noticed this post that talks about NHK getting its collective panties in a wad about a raft of parody videos on YouTube involving a character from one of its shows. The videos lampoon a seriously unfortunate drawing of the character Spoo done by one of the main actors, Shoko-Oneesan (Miss Shoko) on a children's show called "Okaasan to Issho" ("With Mother").

The funny thing here for me is that my kids watch this show every morning on satellite TV (we're trying to get them as much exposure as we can to Japanese while they're small), and my wife was telling me about this little incident with the drawing a few weeks ago. She said she was laughing so hard she was crying -- as you can see in the original video, Shoko-Oneesan's drawing partner can't keep a straight face looking at her 'drawing.' My wife said the dialog afterward just made it even funnier. "Wow, you drew such a great picture!" "Good job!" "I'm glad I was able to draw it."


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