JSON is a Web standard -- RFC 4627

2006-08-01 02:11:00

My colleague Lisa Dusseault just sent an e-mail to the scooby-dev mailing list saying that JSON is now an IETF standard. Check out RFC 4627:


This is great news for all the Web devs trying to explain to the PHB why using JSON is better than jumping through the hoops needed to deserialize XML data for their JavaScript code (much less do it quickly and reliably).

Sure, I know -- without 'XML,' we wouldn't have that cool 'X' in 'Ajax,' would we? Actually, Jesse James Garrett -- the guy who coined the phrase and stuff -- doesn't write it as an acronym, and has said in talks that he doesn't consider it one (the original Ajax paper describes it as 'shorthand for').

Right, so 'Ajax' really is just a snappy, meaningless term -- like a semantic Rorschach test that different people can all use to mean whatever they want.

So you can keep that cool letter 'X.' (Please don't put on your Helm of Pedantic Might and call it 'Ajaj.') And more importantly, you can use a super-simple, standards-based way to serialize your data that really Just Works™ with JavaScript.


Frank Manno (2006-08-02)
Matthew, Awesome news! It definitely gives JSON more of a punch when pitching it as an alternative to XML. By the way, I've started reading your book, and must say it's one of the better Ajax-related books I've in my collection. Congrats on a job well done!


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