Second Life and avatars

2006-08-22 04:18:00

This past weekend was the Second Life Community Convention in San Francsisco. I happened to be out at the OSAF office this past week, so I was lucky enough to be able to check out some of the festivities on Friday night, but missed Mitch's talk on Saturday. Mitch put up a link on his blog to a really nice writeup of his talk for those of us who missed it. He had a lot thought-provoking stuff to say about early adopters and SL as a 'disruptive technology.'

Coincidentally, there was also an interesting article on avatars at Free Software Magazine that floated up on Digg. It talks about the interaction of identity with appearance online. Smack in the middle is a nice side-by-side of Mia Garlick from Creative Commons (who was once kind enough to save me from the alarm in the OSAF/CC offices when I foolishly triggered it -- that woman can sprint!) and her Second Life avatar. I didn't even know she played SL.


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