Breezy Nihongo -- Japanese input in Ubuntu Breezy

2006-09-01 02:49:00

Instructions for getting Japanese input working in Ubuntu Breezy Badger are a bit different from the setup under Hoary Hedgehog. (I sure do look forward to this settling down one day soon -- maybe in Dapper?)

Thankfully the Ubuntu wiki has a nice, clear instruction page for Japanese input in Breezy that does the trick nicely. It worked for me without a hitch, and I can toggle back and forth between normal English and Japanese input in most all apps using the normal Ctrl+Shift. It even does the swap to katakana from F7 like you'd expect if you're an old Ichitaro hand.

Unfortunately the change from SCIM to UIM for IME support added a new keyboard binding of Ctrl+J for toggling the input method ('J' for 'Japanese,' right?), which was driving me bananas because that's the binding I use in Vim for jumping between splits.

This is one of those times I'm actually grateful for endless tweakability of Unix. You can reset the binding in your .uim file like so:

(define default-im-name 'anthy) ; IM-SWITCH VALUE
(define-key anthy-on-key? '("C-a" "C-A" generic-on-key?))

As easy as that, it switched the activation toggle to a key I never touch. And Ctrl+Shift still works like you'd expect. "Shiawase da na."


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