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2006-12-07 08:02:00

I've just upgraded to Ubuntu Edgy, and it's kind of eerie now having Web video that works in most places.

Some very nice video tutuorials over at the YUI Theater. I'm particularly enjoying Professor Crockford's talk on Advanced JavaScript. Always nice to see yet another way to create a singleton for namespacing in JS:

var foo = function () {
    return {
        bar: 'bar',
        baz: function () {
            this.bar = 'foo';

My favorite quote so far: "... and pseudoclassical inheritance is for elderly programmers."


Lee Eschen (2006-12-20)

It gets better, Matt. My first child was also born in 1968, a girl, Valerie, in the early AM on March 1st, missing a Feb 29th birthdate by all of 10 minutes. Val now has three fine girls of her own and lives reasonably close. I am really looking forward to seeing the grandkids over the holidays.

I have also visited your EpiphanyRadio website. The music is an interesting mix, pleasant and not too "rocky", though not exactly what I might choose to listen to.

Being of that older generation, my taste is a bit more traditional. I enjoy most music forms, from country, folk, and bluegrass, to blues and jazz, to classical - symphonic, chamber music, opera, and light opera (I love Gilbert & Sullivan). Right now I'm listening to some traditional Christmas music from Musicmatch on-demand (ie: Bing Crosby singing "Silent Night"; I'm working myself into putting up the Christmas tree tonight), but most commonly, I'll have Irish folk/patriot (Chieftains, Wolftones, Clancy Bros, etc) playing while I work.

I'm curious. When you installed Ubuntu, did you make it part of a multiboot setup, or are you running only Linux. I would love to go to a Linux only system and avoid the constant rebooting that Windows XP entails (I don't understand why there can't just be a "registry refresh" function), but some of the software that is absolutely essential to me is just not available for Linux.

That may change in the future. There is so much wonderful open source software coming out that will do the job of "store boughten" programs, I am really encouraged that my computing future just might be a Linux story.

Already, Open Office has replaced both MS Office and WordPerfect Office for my daily use. I still keep WP 9.0 installed, because it will do things I just can't do with the other programs, but it gets less and less use as time goes by. Now if Adobe would only support Linux in addition to Mac and Windows. I spend a lot of time within the various programs of their Creative Suite 2.

--Lee Eschen, Ashgrove Visual Arts
"Vision without technique is blind."
--George Lepp

mde (2006-12-14)

Glad the book was helpful. It's comments like that that make all the work on it worthwhile. I love that your first language was Fortran in 1968 -- that's the year I was born! :)

I will definitely put your blog on the reading list -- looking forward to future developments.

Lee Eschen (2006-12-10)

Hi Matt,

I bought your book. I loved it. It was the ideal introduction to Ajax techniques for my experience level, though I think a newly minted developer/programmer might easily get lost in the woods.

I’m not sure I see any great difference in your code snippet above from other ways it might be written. It’s just playing around with the syntax a bit, but it is an interesting take on it.

Being an “almost elderly” programmer (I’m 61 and my first language was Fortran IV in 1968. I still have the reference manual for the Scientific Subroutine package.), I got a good laugh from your “pseudoclassical inheritance” remark.

BTW: I listed my blog above, but there is only an introductory post (2006.08.08) so far. Work pressures and some health problems kept me away from full participation for awhile. Hopefully that will change in the upcoming new year.

—Lee Eschen, Ashgrove Visual Arts


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