Fleegix.js 0.3.2 release

2007-05-21 01:39:00

Took a bit of time this afternoon and put together all the recent fixes and improvements to Fleegix.js into a release, version 0.3.2.

There are a bunch of miscellaneous goodies in there -- a couple of handy utility functions in the new fleegix.dom and fleegix.css modules, some nice eye-candy additions in the fleegix.fx library, and some improvements to the API reference. (Thank you, Kev!)

Other fixes -- the fleegix.event system now works properly across iframe borders in IE, and I've added in stopPropagation and preventDefault. Also fixed a nice null-vs.-undefined bug in form.toHash. Thanks muchly to the Windmill guys for making stuff break.

The whole library is still 'bodaciously small,' weighing in at 24KB for the compressed file, and 50KB for the uncompressed one.

As usual you can grab the latest build or SVN source off the Fleegix.js download page.


Thiago (2007-05-29)
Please update the ref page. Some things are diferents, ex. fleegix.xml.parse. Thanks! :)

Giorgio Arata (2007-05-27)

Without polluting too much Fleegix namespace, another sub-object hive comes in handy when you have to adapt or fix string data. While not an overwhelming project as per se, the fleegix library may host tiny sub-components, growing in size only if strictly needed, sub-pieces that developer may choose to include or not. Here is an excerpt of what I do habitually fulfilling my own (and of some colleague) programmer habits.

if (typeof fleegix.string == "undefined") fleegix.string = {};

fleegix.string.toArray = function(str) {var strArray = new Array(); var ignore = str.replace(/.| | | | $/g, function(m, p) {(strArray.push) ? strArray.push(m):strArray[strArray.length] = m;}); return strArray;}

fleegix.string.reverse = function(str, chr) { return this.toArray().reverse().join("");}

fleegix.string.ltrim = function(str,chr){ if (typeof chr != "string" && (chr)) throw new Error("Function arguments must be of string type."); var i = 0; while(str.length <= i && (chr)) { if (str.indexOf(chr, i++) == -1) { if i > str.length { --i }; break;}}; while (str.charCodeAt(i) < 33 && (!chr)){ ++i; }; if ( i == str.length ) return ""; return str.substring(i); };

fleegix.string.rtrim = function(str, chr) { if (!chr)return this.reverse(this.ltrim(this.reverse(str))); return this.reverse(this.ltrim(this.reverse(), chr));};

fleegix.string.trim = function(str, chr) {if (chr) return this.ltrim(this.rtrim(str, chr), chr); return this._trim(str);};

fleegix.string._trim = function(str){ return(str.replace(/^s+/,'').replace(/s+$/,'')); }


I hope your work will become more widely adopted (may you quantify your actual user base?); these and other features may be more and more appreciated in the future releases.

Nonetheless, this is a well-packed and stable release.

Best regards!

Kev (2007-05-25)
No prob. I'll try and reread the ref page and see if any thing new popped up. Thanks for being a light in the darkness that is XML . :)

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