2007 OSCON-season announcement bonanza

2007-08-04 08:42:00

First John Lam announces Iron Ruby, to be released under something called the Microsoft Permissive Licesnse. It's basically a rebranded Apache license -- and honestly, seeing that stuff on a Web page with an MS logo had me envisioning some alternate-reality Steve Ballmer with a full head of hair. (Remember that episode of classic Trek where Spock has a Fu-Manchu-style goatee?)

The perf guys over at Yahoo dropped YSlow on us, which should help us be even more disgusted at how long we're making our users wait for crap to load.

Brendan over at Mozilla piled on by announcing a slew of fun new stuff -- it's an um, barrel full of new monkey-projects (sorry, couldn't help myself) over at Mozilla: ActionMonkey, bringing all the Adobe-donated Tamarin-goodness into the JS engine for Mozilla 2, IronMonkey, making use of the above-mentioned Permissive License code to make Tamarin multi-lingual (Ruby in the browser, anyone?), and ScreamingMonkey, a project to bring Tamarin to other browsers such as IE. Holy crap, that's a lot of what it is, all in one announcement.

Good stuff. Looking forward to seeing how all these projects progress.


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