Fleegix.js JavaScript Toolkit 0.4.1 release

2008-01-10 20:41:00

Somehow amidst all the chaos that is currently my life, I've packaged up version 0.4.1 of Fleegix.js for release. You can download the new release at the usual location.

This is primarily a bugfix release. Here are some of the fixes and improvements: * Fixes in the hash plugin for Safari 2's ridiculous Math.random bug * Updates to the xml parser plugin to handle CDATA and comment nodes properly * Fixes for multi-selector class attributes with css.addClass * Improved caching in timezone-enabled Date plugin, new getTimezoneAbbreviation method * Fixes for previous-year inclusion in rule-hits in the timezone-enabled Date plugin * New option to squelch errors from execution of handlers in event.listen * A bunch of new unit tests that work with Windmill's JavaScript test framework


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