Up and running with PmpknPi

2008-04-09 03:27:00

Time for a change -- I've been needing to move my blog to a different server for awhile now, so I'm using this opportunity to change from Typo (a Rails-based blog platform) to PmpknPi, which advertises itself as "A RESTful Blog API written in Merb."

If you've a techie who's been hiding under a rock, and don't know what Merb is, it's an MVC Web-app development framework written in Ruby. It's basically a competing/complementary framework to Rails -- much more minimalist and performance-oriented.

I'm running this blog on Merb with the Thin Ruby Web server, a small, fast, event-driven HTTP server written in Ruby.

Merb is what we're using to build a lot of the Seesmic Web app, including the Ajax Web UI that's my primary focus.

We've been hard at work at Seesmic building out our REST API, which at least in part explains the dead air on this blog. (Twitter is probably another good target for finger-pointing on that count.)

Anyhow, with the switch of this blog to PmpknPi, I lose a lot of the bloat of both Rails and Typo, and should have something a bit more hackable. I'll also get something I should have put a premium on long, long ago -- code syntax highlighting from the excellent CodeRay library. 'Bout frigging time.


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