Windmill revolution!

2008-09-06 03:17:00

It's a Windmill revolution! (Get it? You see, Windmills are these things that go around and around -- they revolve, you see, so, um .... Yeah, that's terrible, I'll stop.) Actually there really are some revolutionary changes going with Windmill, the Web-UI testing framework birthed at OSAF.

First of all they recently released version 0.8.2, with some great new features:

  • Integrated Firebug Lite support
  • wxWindmill contrib application
  • Enhanced 'smart' recorder
  • Auto element-scroll-into-view to simulate actual use more closely

The Windmill project has also moved to brand-new infrastructure, including a shiny new Web site at http://getwindmill.com/

The core team is hard at work on more new-feature goodness, as well as relentlessly squashing bugs as they crop up. You can usually find them in IRC (#windmill on Freenode.net), or follow their progress on the developer mailing list.

If you haven't checked out Windmill lately, you'll be pretty amazed to see how fast the improvements are piling up. Check out their introductory screencast to see the newest Windmill release in action. You'll also find a handy side-by-side comparison on the Windmill site which gives you an idea of Windmill's feature set compared with other testing solutions.

In short, the Windmill core team is kicking serious ass, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more Windmill awesomeness in the coming months.


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