Fleegix.js, the tip of the JavaScript long tail

2008-09-08 18:35:00

In a surprising recent development, Fleegix.js appears in the Six Revisions article, 10 Promising JavaScript Frameworks, showcasing "10 alternative and capable JavaScript frameworks/libraries to explore."

Fleegix.js came in at number 10 on the list -- and frankly given its status (er, lack of status?) as a bit player on the grand Ajaxy-toolkit stage, it's pretty cool to see it showing up on any lists at all.

The Six Revisions article has gotten a mention on Ajaxian, in a post called The JavaScript Long Tail -- very nice to see Ajaxian giving some love to what they describe as "new/up-and-coming frameworks."

Actually, Fleegix.js is not new -- some of the code has been around since about 2002 -- but "up-and-coming"? Yeah, I like the sound of that.

In reality, I think biggest value proposition in Fleegix.js for JavaScript developers is in its plugins -- like the Olson-timezone-enabled Date in fleegix.date.Date, the sortable Hash in fleegix.hash.Hash, or even the new embbeded JavaScript templates in fleegix.ejs -- all of which can be easily plugged into existing frameworks.

I would love to see more people using the code, and hacking on it as well. There is a Lighthouse app for bug reports. If you're interested in pitching in, the Fleegix.js site has a page on how to contribute.

Be looking for a new release in the coming week. But for now, anyway, I'm happy to see Fleegix.js occupying a spot at the "tip of the JavaScript long tail."


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