Fleegix.js and Framework Scanner

2009-02-09 00:07:00

A former colleague of mine, Teodor Moisa, pointed out to me recently that Fleegix.js is one of the libraries showing up in the scan performed by Framework Scanner. This is a very cool utility by Mats Bryntse that compares the impact on the global namespace by various JavaScript toolkits.

You can see Framework Scanner in action here.

Fleegix.js comes out looking pretty good in this online demo, with only 6 additional global symbols detected -- and as it turns out, 2 of those are false positives. One of those is an undeclared local variable which was leaking out into the global namespace (and has subsequently been fixed). The other is an old-style "onunload" which I can't find any references to in the code anywhere -- perhaps it existed in some plugin somewhere at some point in the past, I'm not sure.

The online demo includes an "Analyze your own scripts" feature, so I re-ran the test with the most up-to-date version of the library on GitHub, and it correctly found only 4 global symbols: ($, $elem, $text, and fleegix).

This stacks up pretty well with Dojo 1.2.3 (5), JQuery 1.3 (2 -- presumably jQuery, and $, which they use as an alias for it), Prototype (25, wow), YUI 2.6.0 (5), and MochiKit 1.3.1 (243 (robot Jesus!), or 11 with __export__ set to false).

Really nice to see Fleegix.js showing up with such illustrious company -- and with the magic of alphabetical order, it's right there at the top, sweet!

Framework Scanner is pretty cool -- since more people are mixing-and-matching toolkits, knowing what kind of impact they have on the global namespace is really helpful. It also gives you a good idea of whether the creators of the toolkit in question put much priority on "playing nicely with others."


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