New gig at Slide, new digs in SF, new ... Python?

2009-06-18 02:56:00

Okay, yeah, so I've left the blog pretty quiet the last couple of months -- it's been a busy time with lots of changes.

After being without a full-time gig, doing a bunch of contract work, and looking around a lot, I accepted a job offer from the nice folks at Slide. The position is in their office in San Francisco, so in the last month I've moved myself and my family (and our whole houseful of crap) out to the Bay Area.

We're ensconced in a lovely rental in Pacifica, and loving the amazing views of the mountains, ocean ... and of course, the fog.

It's an interesting change going from years of working remotely from home, to working day-to-day in an office. With actual human beings in it. It's quite a change, and actually nice in a lot of ways seeing people other than my family on a regular basis, but there are downsides to the whole deal -- like, you know, having to wear pants.

The other big change, of course, is using Python for my server-side language of choice. I've been pretty much a Ruby guy up to this point, but Slide is a Python shop. The switch has been pretty interesting so far: I'm learning fun idioms like how to fake the ternary operator, and (of course) basic stuff like how not to screw up my indentation. I like it pretty well. Of course we're building Web apps, so there's also piles and piles of tasty JavaScript to work on.

Now that we're set up in our new digs (and the endless piles of boxes are mostly disposed of), and I'm managing to make major changes to code without blowing shit up, I think I'm settled in enough to begin updating here a bit more regularly.

Either that, or microblogging has killed my ability to post -- we'll see I guess.


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