Node.js frameworks

2010-03-08 14:57:00

Quite a growing list of Node.js modules and projects on GitHub. It's like a Cambrian explosion of JavaScripty goodness.

If you're thinking of building a Webapp with Node, it's hard to know which of these embryonic frameworks to pick -- or if you should even pick one -- since the laws of competition dictate we'll end up with one or two large ones.

This is a problem I ran into working with Merb -- spending time working with a framework, submitting patches, fixing problems, only to see it subsumed into Rails.

I'll still probably pick one to work with, since it'll likely be as round as any wheel I could invent myself. I'll be following the trajectories of these frameworks with some real interest.


sintaxi (2010-03-08)

node is indeed very interesting and has an unbelievable amount of mindshare in a very short amount of time. We are using node extensively at Joyent for system tools.

btw – kudos for sticking with pmpknpi ;)

mde (2010-03-12)

It’s a good time to be a JavaScript programmer. :)

I haven’t found something compelling enough to switch from pmpknpi yet—although eventually I might want to use something built on CouchDB.


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